Who We Are

Croix Property Maintenance proudly serves the Central Lakes area of Minnesota with years of experience and endless dedication to quality.

Croix Property Maintenance

Croix PM is part of The Croix Companies, a family-owned business with years of expertise in the green industry. We’ve served both commercial and residential clients on projects ranging from quaint cottages on Lake Miltona to acres of turf on the Golden Valley Golf Course. Because we only hire professionals who are committed to doing their best work, we have no problem turning out quality results on time, every time. And that’s something we’re really proud of. 

Croix PM

While we also provide landscaping services and landscape design, our Croix PM division was built to serve outdoor properties all year round. For everything from seasonal clean-up and yard care to snow removal in the winter, we mean it when we say we can take care of your outdoor space all year round.


Owned by Stephen Miller and his wife Marnie, Croix Leadership has set the tone for a phenomenal work culture, which in turn produces top-notch service results. We truly believe that when employees know their worth and feel our appreciation, everyone wins—including our clients.

Our Approach

To earn your trust, we listen. We’ll meet with you at your property to take a look at your exact needs. We ask our questions and answer yours. Based on this personalized approach, we can make recommendations that actually make sense for improving the outdoor experience at your own property. You can count on Croix. 

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All you have to do is ask, and Croix will be there. 

See What Croix Can Do

For a more specific look at what Croix PM can offer, take a look at the services we can provide to your outdoor space all throughout the year. If you have any questions, just reach out and we can explain how what we do can be tailored to what you need.

Ready to Talk? So Are We.

Put us to work for your outdoor property by giving us a call or sending us an email with your estimate request. We’re here to make your life easier.